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  • Jan27

    How To Write Email Campaigns With Heart That Also Make Sales

    Email marketing. You know you should be doing it. You know it can be an effective and cost effective way of making sales.

    But do you know how to write emails that your customers and prospects will open?

    And if they open it, will they read it?

    Will they click on your links?

    And will they hire you or …

  • Jan21

    How To Build Trust And Close Deals

    That’s what you want to do right?

    It’s what I want to do!

    Today I got on the old trusty white board and share how we help to build trust and help our clients close deals by creating marketing assets that make an impression.

    This might sound crazy, and …

  • Jan15

    How Not To Fail At First Impressions When Marketing

    We are all making snap judgements about people, brands and businesses.

    It’s ok to admit it. It’s actually part of our DNA. Call it part of our fight or flight response. We are attracted to certain people, to the way things look and the way things make us feel.

    So it makes sense that when we see …

  • Jan11

    6 Steps To Creating Special Reports For Fun And Profit

    In my last video, I shared with you why Special Reports are still one of the most effective marketing strategies and assets you can use in your business.

    I also shared why so many business owners fail when putting them together and trying to use them to get the attention of prospects.

    If …

  • Jan10

    Do Special Reports Still Work?

    You see them on nearly every single website on the entire web. Chances are that you have them on your website too.

    But when was the last time someone actually gave you their name and email address to get that special report you have …





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