A Celebrity Driven Shock And Awe Package

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Financial Advisor Shock And Awe Package

We always get excited when we finally get a marketing package in our hands. It can be a direct mail campaign and the letter is in our mailbox. Or it can be a shipment from the printer with new invitations, postcards, information products or catalogs.

There is just something about the allure of ripping open a box to see your hard work come to life. Even better is when our clients use the pieces and begin attracting new patients, new clients and prospects that are ready and essentially pre-sold before they ever walk in the door.

This is one such package that is still being added to on a regular basis. Today I am jumping the gun and showing you a little preview of a Shock And Awe box from a financial advisor in Cincinnati, OH. Brad is a great guy, with a great client base and one of the ways we are helping him to grow his business this year is through taking care of referred in names.

That means we want to treat referrals like gold. As such, we had to get a Shock And Awe Package that would stand out from the rest of the mail a pre-retiree was getting from “other” advisors.

As you can see from the box, the new letterhead, the enclosed newsletter and magazine-style piece, Brad is not just another financial advisor pedaling his products and services. No way! He is the Celebrity Expert(R) who is offering advice, information and expertise to help those in his community to get the answers they need about meeting their retirement needs.

Big difference from “the other” advisors who just want to fill up a dinner seminar.

This is only way of a big collection of pieces we have been working on for Brad over the past few months and it goes to show what a difference a fresh approach to the quality of materials, the copy, the design and the presentation make in getting top-tier, affluent clients to not just pay attention to you, but to take that next step and do business with you.

And like I said in the introduction, I simply cannot wait to get this package into the hands of Brad’s community and prospects and see the difference it’s going to make in his business.

If you would like to see how we can help you to develop a similar package for you business and help to position you as the Celebrity Expert in your market, simply visit our services page or send me an email to

Till next time!

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