A Simple Way To Surprise And Delight Your Clients

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Today it’s not enough to just do what you have said you are going to do. That is what is expected of us as experts. We must go above and beyond and do what we call, Surprise and Delight.

This is when you go out of your way to do something unexpected to get the attention of your clients during the process of being a client.

With our film business, we do this by sending life-size, old school popcorn machines to our clients while the film is in editing. It reminds the clients that we are hard at work editing their film and gives them something to talk about at dinner parties and social engagements.

In the video below, I share how someone gave me a taste of my own medicine – by Surprising and Delighting me. The gift was a new book written by Paulo Coelho sent to me by Brendon Burchard. Great job Brendon!

Now that you have some ideas to Surprise and Delight your audience, let me know how you are going to take action and be seen as the Celebrity Expert in your market by using these tactics.

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