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Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Lately I feel like it takes a whole lot to impress me and not a whole lot to disappoint me. This goes for many things in life and maybe I am just now noticing them more.

For instance, when Jen, Colten and I go out to dinner, we are typically in a rush to sit down, order, get our food and get out the door before Colten decides he no longer wants to sit in a high chair and wants to run around like any ambitious 1-year old boy would. We choose restaurant we believe can offer us this courtesy and where we know what we are getting into before we get stuck in a sticky situation.

So you can imagine our frustration when it takes 40 minutes to bring out the bread and salads at Carrabba’s and 20 minutes to run a credit card. But what in the heck does this have to do with marketing?

Well, everything. We live in a world of instant gratification. We get apps on our phones in seconds. We order things through the TV. We can watch movies with the click of a button or get car insurance quotes while driving on the highway. We expect 24/7 support.

Case in point, I am writing this at 11:15 in the evening and checking email from clients and responding to matters with 2 of my vendors, who are both immediately responding. Just before midnight on a Tuesday.

Am I an advocate of this behavior? No. I think it’s ruining our ability to disconnect, think and be creative when we are always connected and interrupted, but it is the world in which we live. It’s a reality that I am coming to accept.

And so, knowing this, how can you make delivery of what you do faster?

At CXM we FedEx overnight Shock And Awe Packages to interested prospects.
We FedEx overnight agreements with a pen so it can easily be signed the next morning.
When we get the agreement back, we FedEx overnight a Welcome Kit with getting started tips and their new CXM Platinum Members Card.

On the other end of the spectrum, there was an event that I went to this past month where I bought materials from 3 of the speakers. It is now 11 days after the end of that event and not 1 has contacted me yet. Worse, only one has even charged my card that was on the order form. Concerning? Maybe.

What’s worse is that I am losing interest in what I bought and don’t really remember what one of the offers was. Two of them were information products that could have easily been there, in the room, for me to take home.

In a perfect world I should have been given to me in a nice package to take home, while showing off to other attendees over the course of the event to spawn more sales. This is the instant gratification your clients and customers demand.

It is why we ship popcorn machines to Celebrity Films clients during the editing process (that is until we bought Amazon out of popcorn machines). During that lull of the editing phase we had to keep the excitement going. Once that excitement starts to fade, it is very difficult to get it back. Your goal is to extend that Honeymoon period with your clients and customers as long as you possibly can. Divorce is ugly these days. It is much more profitable to keep the marriages you already have than to go out, start dating again and remarry.

One way to combat this is through expectations. Control the power in the relationship by setting expectations for when your clients and customers can expect things from you. This is as much a part of your marketing strategy as your front end client acquisition process is. Many times we do not market at all to our existing clients and customers as we keep hitting the dating scene to find new relationships when your current relationships are failing.

This newsletter is just one of the countless ways we keep in touch with our clients. If you are not sending a monthly (yes, monthly), physical (yes, in the mail) newsletter – you must start. Must. And if you need some help, JW and I have just launched a new program just for developing your Newsletter and 365-Day Marketing Calendar.

You can learn more about that program here.

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