Celebrity Branding You – Episode 22

Friday, April 18th, 2014

expert podcast with nick nanton and greg rollettIn this weeks episode, Greg and Nick cover the four costly mistakes that most business owners and entrepreneurs make.

A lot of the time, business owners thinks it’s only about the product or service that gauges how successful their business is. Even though that’s partly true, it really boils down to you, who you are, and how you build a connection with your prospects. Studies show that over 90% of people who make their final purchasing decision base it off of the person or people they are buying from.

How about your marketing efforts? It seems pretty common that a lot of business owners continue to buy the same bad marketing and advertising. It’s the “well it didn’t work last month, maybe it’ll work this month” mindset. Sometimes you can get lucky, but the majority of the time, that’s simply not true. What you really need to focus on is your media and direct marketing.

Now, what about your story and brand – are you sharing your story in different mediums? It’s not okay to just tell your story once, and just assume that everyone will hear it. You need to steadily continue to share your story as long as you want your business to be successful! Remember, as long as you can constantly share who you are, what you do, how you can help people and how people can reach you to learn more, you will always win.

Finally, who do you surround yourself with?
All the speakers that we had at the Expy® Awards – Kevin Harrington, Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy and Nido Qubein – all say that the key to their success was a matter of who they surrounded themselves with. You don’t want to spend time surrounding yourself in an in-congruent setting with what you desire.

Don’t miss any of this episode – This one’s filled with great content that could positively grow your business today!


People on this Episode:

  • Greg Rollett
  • Nick Nanton


Valuable Information & Links for this Episode

  • Orlando, FL; May 12th – 14th – America’s Premiere Experts®, Health and Wellness Today®, Consumer’s Advocate® TV Show shoots will be held
  • San Diego, CA; July – Speak on Your Feet Boot Camp with Brian Tracy
  • Feb 6th & 7th; Peter Diamandis Facility Tour and Talk on Abundance

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