Celebrity Branding You – Episode 16

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

expert podcast with nick nanton and greg rollettIn this weeks episode, Greg and Nick discuss creating Information Products: The biggest fears, mistakes and common misconceptions people have.

Greg shares his journey about how he got involved in the industry and explains that when it comes to information products, your common knowledge is not common with the outside world. People will pay you for the knowledge you already have – people buy people.

Educational Points in this Episode:

  • A guide to creating your Framework
  • “Homer Simpson” Exercise
  • An explanation of why you don’t have to be a “10″ to teach a “1”
  • Creating a physical product vs. creating an eBook
  • Charging as little as possible to get qualified leads
  • Laws of Extension
  • Why perfectionism is NOT ideal – “Done is better than perfect”
  • Information Product technology and formatting
  • Using different product modalities
  • Creating Action Guides
  • How to use an information product to grow your business
  • Shock & Awe packages


People on this Episode:

  • Greg Rollett
  • Nick Nanton


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