Do Special Reports Still Work?

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

Do Special Reports Still Work?

You see them on nearly every single website on the entire web. Chances are that you have them on your website too.

But when was the last time someone actually gave you their name and email address to get that special report you have on your website?

And even if they did, when was the last time (or only time) they read your report and had to stop everything they were doing to call you and hire you on the spot?

Chances are, the answer is never or “maybe once.”

So why then does expert expert say that you need a special report on your website and that you need to use it to turn window shoppers to interested and engaged prospects?

Because they work.

But only if you create a special report that your market wants.

Here’s the cold, hard truth. No one wants your special report.

No one wants any special report.

What we want are solutions to our problems.

We go to Google to search for solutions to problems. Then Google tells us that a certain website may have the answers that we are looking for. This is what your special report should do.

It should be Step #1 to help your prospect to solve their problem.

To see more on why you still need special reports and how to create special reports that your prospects actually want, watch this special video below.

How do we know that this works? Because a few months ago we ran a full page ad targeting financial advisors who use insurance products to help their clients plan for retirement.

In that ad, we generated leads by giving away a copy of a Free Report.

The report was the first step towards solving one of the biggest issues and frustrations financial based financial advisors have – Their FMO (Field Marketing Organization).

We actually declared war on these FMO’s.

From just one issue of that magazine, we generated 122 leads.

This isn’t just for business to business markets. We recently deployed this same strategy on

Right before the end of the year, we knew that our readers were excited about planning for 2016 and having a better year than they did in 2015. So we created a Special Report just for them, based on quotes from 29 experts and friends.

29 Visionaries Report

This report brought in 54 new leads for during the 2-week span between Christmas and New Years.

Want to have a special report created for you that drives leads and gets those leads excited about working with you?

Now you can Hire The DNA Marketing Team to build out marketing assets and campaigns just like the ones you see from the Celebrity Branding Agency as well as our top clients.

For more information, click here to watch this presentation now.

You can also email or call 800.980.1626 for more information.

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  1. Linda Allred says:

    I am a CXM client.

    Greg,I can’t wait to kick off my campaign for my special report and 3-Part Video series that you developed for me, “The One Thing Holding You Back From Achieving True Success (And How To Break Through It Today!) You always make me look soooo good!!

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