Educational Marketing Part 3

Friday, April 26th, 2013

This is the 3rd in a series of 4 posts on Educational Marketing.

In today’s piece we are going to dissect how 3 different businesses use educational marketing to attract and convert clients in their business.

The Online Marketer

Today you cannot look anywhere online without seeing educational marketing at work. A select few are much better than others at truly educating their marketplace, making them aware of the problems they are having and educating them on the solution they are presenting to fix that problem.

One of the leaders in this space is Rich Schefren from Strategic Profits. Rich has been a successful entrepreneur in the men’s retail and hypnosis center business and upon selling his hypnosis centers found his way into online marketing. When he launched his coaching and consulting company, Strategic Profits, Rich created a manifesto called The Internet Business Manifesto that was read almost overnight by millions of struggling online marketers who all the problem of opportunity seeking and were not business building.

This manifesto served as a textbook for many online marketers, educating them on who they were, identifying with them by sharing his story of opportunity seeking online. Then he shared the opportunity, which was to overcome the shiny object syndrome and going from tactic to tactic and becoming a strategic entrepreneur. Finally through the manifesto, Rich positioned himself as the ultimate expert in this arena, by virtue that no one else was talking about these ideas, these problems and offering a clear solution, backed by proof, case studies and his own success. After reading you were certain that Rich was the clear choice, the clear expert and had the solution to help you alleviate your online business problems.

Today Rich has taken his manifesto and now uses the same principles in an online webinar. The entire 2-hour presentation is filled with education, strategically positioned to attract the right kind of client, revealing the problem that this right kind of client is having and then using proof, experience and marketing to reveal that he is the ultimate expert and solution.

In your marketing, you want to model a system like this. Creating free reports or webinars that are educational marketing pieces and not just a report to have a report, or have a webinar to have a webinar. Always be using these marketing pieces to educate your prospects using the 3-step approach.

The PR Agency

The Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency is a shiny example of using educational marketing to build their client base and attract the right kind of client into their business. When they began the business, Nick Nanton and JW Dicks wrote a very educational and informational Best-Selling Book, Celebrity Branding You. To this day the book is used as a tool to educate their market about their 5 step branding process to help you become a celebrity in their marketplace.

Each of the 5 steps relate to a service that they offer from helping authors become Best-Sellers to getting experts and entrepreneurs featured on major tv and print outlets to using media like branded films. All of these are presented as problems and then opportunities throughout the book to help teach authors, experts and entrepreneurs to grow their brand. They knew that by educating their clients on the benefits and effects of celebrity branding, they would be positioning themselves as the experts and authorities on the subject. And it was all done through a well-written and better positioned book.

Today, along with the book, Nick and JW are using whitepapers and reports that relate to each segment of their business that go right through the 3-steps in the educational marketing process. For their book publishing business they have created a report on the 7 Myths Of Publishing. This report overcomes the 7 biggest objections that people have in joining their publishing company. The report magnetically attracts the right kind of author, talks about some of their fears and doubts about the publishing process and offers a clear, expert solution, with proof and examples of others just like them that have benefitted from co-authoring a Best-Selling book.

Another report on “Branded Films” has helped to develop an entirely new brand, Celebrity Films. This report again fulfills the same 3 requirements of great educational marketing and those that read the report and then contact the agency are already sold on the process and need the solution in order to grow their business. That is very powerful and makes the job of selling much, much easier.

The Financial Advisor

The financial services industry is very competitive and people are more skeptical than ever on who to select to manage their money. This brings a big problem to those in this industry to build trust and grow their clientele. The best financial planners know the power of educational marketing to position them as the go-to expert, someone that can be trusted and someone that you truly would like to do business with.

Stephen Lomsdalen from Scottsdale, AZ is one such advisor doing this successfully in his market. Stephen has created a book of his own, The 3 Wall Street Myths That Could Destroy Your Retirement Dreams. Just from the title of the book he is attracting a certain type of market, those about to retire and who are worried about the current state of Wall Street.

On the inside of the book, Stephen talks about the challenges and fears that his market is currently having. He relates to them in a very intimate way, painting a picture of their feelings and insecurities about the future of their life after retirement. He also shares the 3 strategies that this age-class has been taught and told over the years that are not accurate and relevant to their retirement plans today.

By the end of the book, the only thing you want to do is pick up the phone and call Stephen for a consultation. This is very powerful marketing, and was all created through an educational piece, to teach his market about their problems and presenting solutions so they can come up with their own logical conclusions to what they want to do next.

In the next post we will give you some tactical steps to adding educational marketing into your own business.

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