Educational Marketing Part 4

Friday, April 26th, 2013

This is the 4th and final part of our series on Educational Marketing

Your Educational Marketing Roadmap

Now that you have seen some examples and have an idea of how to use educational marketing in your business, it’s time to create your own educational pieces. This begins by identifying who the ideal person it is that you want to attract. Who is most likely to buy your products and services? Who do you want coming in to buy your products and services?

Once you’ve identified the who, you need to look at the deep down problem that the market is having. What keeps them up at night? What would make their life better? The best place to find this information is to ask your current customer base. Why did they buy your products or services? What solution were they really looking for? Why did they choose you and not someone else?

Now we have our market and we know their problems. Our next step is to map out that problem. What feeling are associated with their problem? What is going on in their mind? How is it affecting their day-to-day decisions? How is it affecting their income? Their relationships? Their family? Start writing these answers down as they will become the beginning of your educational marketing piece. Talking with the market, making them understand that you know what they are going through and that they are not alone.

Next you need to start presenting the solution. How can their life improve? Paint the picture of what life can look like once they take action on a solution. Begin to educate them about the solution. Teach them the things you know about what can happen with the right solution. Present the solution using logical steps, in a do-this and then do-that fashion.

All along you want to integrate proof, case studies and reasons why you are the expert they need in their life. At the end, offer your solution. Give them a place to take the next step.

This entire process can be done in any kind of media. It happens on infomercials selling blenders and jinsu knives and on webinars, in newsletters, online product launches, in books and even through email sequences. Just remember to create a purpose with your marketing pieces. No more free reports to have a report. Give your marketing purpose to educate your prospects and get them one step to doing business with you.

If you would like to see how we can help you add educational marketing systems in your business, please send an email to or call us at 800.980.1626 today.

I hope you enjoyed this series and I look forward to bringing out the Celebrity in You!

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