How To Build Trust And Close Deals

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

That’s what you want to do right?

It’s what I want to do!

Today I got on the old trusty white board and share how we help to build trust and help our clients close deals by creating marketing assets that make an impression.

This might sound crazy, and I’d tell you it was crazy too if I didn’t see this happen to me first hand.

When I mail out my proposals, people read them. They feel like something really important is on there.

In fact, when I recently went into the office of a prospect to go through my proposal, which was for just north of $90,000, the deal was closed before I even went through what I wanted to do for him.

He saw the quality that we even put into the paper and he knows that he is going to get that same quality when we start building campaigns for him.

Take 10 minutes out of your day and watch the above video now.

Then, do me a favor.

Tell me what impression you think your materials make when you hand them to someone with whom you want to do business with.

Enjoy and talk soon,


P.S. Obviously results not typical and your results will vary, but think about this…

If you’re a financial advisor and you are trying to get someone to take $1,000,000 that they’ve spent their lifetime building and you hand them a card that looks like it was printed on a 1980’s laser jet, what do you think they would think about you?

Does it instill confidence?

The way the world perceives you is really important.

And that goes for people that are really good at what they do.

Maybe even more so.

Present yourself well. Look like the expert you know you are.

Details on how to do so are in this fancy pants white board video I filmed for you above.

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