The Celebrity Indoctrination Proclamation

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

The saying goes that “nobody likes to be sold, yet everyone likes to buy.”

That means that the last thing you want to be known as is a salesman. A salesman works with a powerpoint presentation. A salesman cold calls. Salesmen go to networking events and pass out business cards. Salesmen have proposals and put in bids for jobs.

Experts on the other hand are sought out.

They are referred to. They are closers, deal makers and hand shakers.

You want to be an expert. More specifically a Celebrity Expert(R).

The most known expert in your niche, market or industry. And this doesn’t usually just happen by chance. A Celebrity Expert(R) stands at the top by design. By engineering and manufacturing the process through which they are seen and how prospects and customers work with them.

This is done through positioning and the job your marketing materials, sequences and funnels do to position you as the expert.

It starts with the way someone finds you. From the ad or mail piece, the online video or your website. That first impression says a lot about how the relationship will move forward and how the prospect views you and your ability to help them.

But it’s what happens next that is so important.

Your followup matters. The way you answer the phone matters. The emails, letters and packages you send (or don’t send) matters.

All of these things play a role in establishing your positioning and framing the way in which your interaction is going to go when you get face-to-face with your prospect.

Let’s look at it from 2 angles.

You have someone who goes online, does some searches and finds your website. They like what they see and submit a contact form for more information. They get a generic brochure that has your bio and mission in it and get a phone call 2-3 days later to book an appointment. They book the appointment to come into the office.

Ok, now let’s look at another angle. You have someone who gets an 8-page sales letter in the mail that explains the problem that the person is having in vivid detail, like he was sitting at the kitchen table listening to his conversations with his wife.

That night he goes online to learn some more about this person that sent the letter. He sees videos that were seen on ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX and is able to download a chapter from his Best-Selling book while requesting a complimentary 30-minute Evaluation using our proven 8-step system for fixing problems like yours.

Then they are called within 24 hours not only to schedule the call, but to make sure they got the copy of the chapter from the book and to confirm their contact information, including their address, so they can send out a quick package before the meeting.

On top of the call, there is a series of 3 emails, that all have ties to building the Celebrity of the expert before the meeting, with links to videos, testimonials and case studies. Each email reinforces the positioning and gets the prospect eager to get to the meeting so they can have their problem solved as well.

Then the package goes out with a personalized welcome letter, a printed copy of the book chapter, the most recent print newsletter as well as a magazine feature, tearsheet from their feature in Forbes magazine and a DVD from their TV Show appearance.

This is all before they come in for the meeting.

Now, from the 2 scenarios, who gets the business?

Who is positioned like a Celebrity Expert(R) and who as another salesman? Who will not have to fight any price resistance? Who is more trusted?

This is how you are seen as a Celebrity. You are literally everywhere the prospect turns. From their inbox to their mailbox to their phone. They can’t help but think about you and how you can help them. All of the information you are sending them is helping them to solve their problem, not telling them about your mission or how great you are. That happens naturally when you are sharing valuable content.

I hear time and time again from clients who we have created this system for who cannot believe the difference in the demeanor and the excitement people get when they get to shake hands with “the author” of the book who sent them something in the mail.

Today I am calling to action all experts to be experts, not salesman. Look, we are all selling our products and services to make a living. But I’d much prefer to add value and help people improve their lives than peddle my stuff from door-to-door.

It doesn’t mean that we are not selling, it just means that we are controlling the process so it doesn’t feel like selling. Because people want to buy and they want to be helped. But they want to feel like they made their own decision to get there. Your job is to help them along by being positioned as the person that can get them there.

It’s time to start building your own Celebrity Funnel so the next time you meet with a prospect they have already been pre-sold to the solution you are providing to them and there is no one else even on the playing field.

How I Can Help You Build Your Celebrity Funnel

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There is no obligation and if you feel like I can help you, we will mutually decide to work together. Or, I will just give you my honest advice to help you grow your business.

Either way it’s a win-win for you. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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Greg Rollett a Best-Selling Author, Radio & TV Host, Emmy Nominated Producer and the CEO of Celebrity Expert Marketing. To see how Greg can help you to create your own Celebrity Funnel, please email to schedule a complimentary Celebrity Strategy Session today.

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