Comeback By CXM


Does Your Marketing Play All 4 Quarters?

We give up too fast. We lose interest in the chase. Just cut right to the ending. We use DVR’s and highlight shows to get to the ending, the final score without any care for the full 60 minutes that gave us the final score.

For most businesses today, their marketing is missing the plays that get them to the end of the game. They spend time, money and attention to fill the seats, sing the National Anthem and create excitement for the game. They might even bring in their kicker to set up the ball on the tee. And then they fast-forward to the final score.

And usually the score is not in their favor.

For every lead that comes into your business, you are doing hard work and investing good money to get them interested in what you have to offer. And if they do not immediately take action and lay down a credit card, they are always forgotten about as a new lead or prospect comes knocking.

You skipped the game that the prospect needed to play.

In marketing this means teaching them. Showing them your magic powers in action. If you are the best Quarterback in the league, we want to show highlights. Videos, audios, special reports, emails, case studies, sales letters, packages, newsletter, media appearances and anything and everything else you have in your playbook.

You need time to develop your story. To tell it and build it’s legend. Celebrity Experts┬« know that in order to be seen as the only person that can help their prospect get their desired result, he needs to educate, inform and constantly communicate with his community.

The Celebrity Expert knows that this system is the difference between having 50 RSVP’s to an event and all 50 showing up, as they were finessed and reminded to show up.

It is the difference between 30 of the 50 booking appointments on the spot and another 5-7 booking appointments in the next week due to proper followup. Another 3-4 over the next few weeks that are being dripped on via email, postcards and newsletters.

It’s closing everyone you can at the meeting and forgetting about those that do not sign on the dotted line. Celebrity Experts massage the relationships so those that are not ready to sign begin to buy into your philosophy over time, getting your newsletters, postcards, emails, articles, books, sales letters and more until they are ready to get off the bench and into the game.

The hidden opportunity of all businesses lie in the unconverted. Those sitting on the sidelines waiting for their chance to play. How you get them into the game is the difference between squeaking out a victory and dominating your market from the first minute till the last.

Comeback by CXM has been designed to play in the sidelines. To resurrect the fans who are no longer coming to the stadium but watching at home, or no longer watching at all. To re-engage, reactivate and motivate them to wear your colors and lace up for the game.

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