Marketing Examples


Every one of our client marketing campaigns is created based on proven systems that we have used in our own businesses first. We then take these systems, ideas and campaigns and roll them out to you, injecting your own personality and celebrity to make it unique, exciting and engaging.

Below you will see some samples of our work and some of the fundamental pieces in your Celebrity Expert Marketing portfolio.

Shock And Awe Packages

Shock And Awe Packaging

Shock And Awe Package

Shock And Awe Folder Package

Shock And Awe Contents

Shock And Awe Contents


Celebrity Invitations

Personality Filled Newsletters

Done For You Newsletters

Celebrity Driven Testimonial Sheets

Social Proof

Expert CD’s, DVD’s and Information Products

Information Products for Financial Advisors

Personality Driven Sales Letters

Sales Letter Example

Celebrity Postcards And Marketing Sequences

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