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When I first speak to experts and entrepreneurs, I hear a lot of them asking me similar questions:

  • Where do I start when trying to grow my business?
  • How can you effectively use direct mail today?
  • How do I make the most of my marketing dollars?
  • What strategies does CXM use when you market yourself? What about your clients?
  • What goes into creating a successful marketing campaign for a small business?
  • Can’t I just do something that has already worked for others?

I love getting asked questions like this. I feel like when clients are interested in the process and what goes into a marketing campaign, it helps us communicate better and increases the strength of our partnership, which then increases the strength of your business.

And it’s also the reason I created The Backstage Pass.

The Backstage Pass combines the CXM Letter monthly newsletter, along with a behind the scenes look at a profitable marketing campaign that brings you behind the scenes to see how we come up with, create, and implement actual marketing materials we use for ourselves and our clients.

This is THE BEST TOOL for you to see how I create a successful campaign, and how you can do the same. In this package you see actual products we’ve created with a detailed analysis of what we did, how it works and why it was done that way.

Every month you will get a folder like the one above in the mail with both the CXM Letter and the Backstage Pass. Each issue is a look into my head to see how and why we do what we do in our 5, 6 and 7 figure promotions for ourselves and our clients.

When you subscribe, you will instantly be sent a copy of Issue #1, which features a 3-Step direct mail campaign that is now an evergreen part of one of our client’s businesses. You will see the sales letters, the postcards and the envelopes – plus why we wrote what we wrote, why we designed it a certain why and how we chose the list to mail it to.

In the first issue of the CXM Letter you will learn about the research process behind the scenes in Breaking Bad, how to attract high net worth clients in any business as well as a look behind the lifestyle of today’s ambitious Celebrity Experts(R).

Originally priced to be $97 per month, I am offering you The Backstage Pass for a special introductory price for only $77 per month if you order today.

Special Bonus:

I want you to get this first issue of the Backstage Pass and see how valuable it is for yourself, so I am offering a very special bonus package for a very limited time and while supplies last.

Bonus #1 – Celebrity Expert Marketing Masterclass – Creating Your 365-Day Marketing Calendar

This is a special information product that features a live presentation given at the Celebrity Expert Marketing Academy in front of 100 top performing experts from around the world. It includes all the samples of our own marketing calendar, the copy, the sequences and the funnels we use to generate millions of dollars every year for the Agency.

Plus a special fill in the blank calendar of events to base your entire year’s worth of marketing content on.

The 365-Day Marketing Calendar sells right now for $297 and is yours free for giving the Backstage Pass Package a trial today.

Bonus #2 – A 30-Minute Consultation With Me

Yes, that’s right. When you place your order today I will schedule a call with you to talk about your marketing and how to add our style of personality and celebrity driven copy into your own marketing.

I’ll take notes and even share with you specific pieces and bits of copy you can begin to use immediately in your marketing.

My going day rate is $5,000 per day of consulting, and my schedule has been increasingly in demand over the past few months. With that said, I hope you can see how committed I am to getting this material into your hands. If it wasn’t so vital to the growth of your business, I would not be offering up my own time to help you get better results from your marketing.

I’m sure you know this sort of thing is not something typically done by marketing companies. Typically, those companies don’t want you to know what goes into their campaigns, why they choose the design or the writing that they do, or how they come up with their ideas.

They think if you know these “secrets” then you won’t want to work with them anymore.

I feel differently. You asked me how and why and what we do, and I don’t want to hold anything back from you. The only thing you need to do now is tell me you want The Backstage Pass.

I’ve made subscribing to The Backstage Pass as easy as possible. Just click the button below and fill out the information for the first issue, plus your 2 incredible bonuses.

It is just $77 today and your package will be shipped immediately.

If the Backstage Pass is not right for you, or you simply get so many ideas you need to cancel just to start implementing – no problem. Just let us know and we will immediately stop the billing.

I know that’s not the case with you and you will look forward to every issue, every insight and every story that continues to help you become the Celebrity Expert that you are.

Tell me where to send you the first issue and your bonus. Here’s to bringing out the celebrity in you.





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